Marinship Studios

Marinship Studios is located near the water’s edge in the historic town of Sausalito. We aim to reinvigorate the site known as Gate 5 where the likes of Maya Angelou, Gordon Onslow Ford, Allen Ginsberg, Jean Varda and Ruth Asawa, and others worked and lived.

Group Exhibition: Captured Space

A group exhibition at Petrichor presented by Tokyo based Kian Gallery in conjunction with Terasu. Works by three artists from Japan focus on the theme of how different vessels impart influence on time and space in our daily environment.

The selection of ‘active’ vessels brings to attention one’s perspective of how a vessel’s form and materiality relates to how it may be used or handled. Akihiro Nikaido and Masashi Uda explore plates in ceramic and wood. Kotaro Sakazume takes two very different approaches to spoons and small bowls.

In the fast-paced and busy age we live in, it becomes important to consider the feeling of and meaning behind the material quality and substance of everyday objects.

Artist Kotaro Sakazume will be in attendance from 4/11 to 4/19.

Dates: April 11th Thursday - 20th Saturday 2019, 11am - 7pm, closed Monday and Tuesday

Reception: Saturday 4/13 3pm-7pm, yaki-onigiri and drinks

RSVP to the opening via the event page.

Akihiro Nikaido

Ceramic Artist, born in Sapporo, 1977

Akihiro Nikaido creates a metal like texture that allows him to conduct various ceramic experiments, playing with expression in his ‘rusted vessels’.

He paints a layered facial expression with a brush on each piece, making for delicate modern works that age nicely over time. He has had international solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, London, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai and his works are also used in restaurants in New York and Paris.

Masashi Uda

Born in Akita Prefecture, 1983, woodworker

Through experience and knowledge gained in furniture design and performance arts, Masashi Uda currently focuses on making vessels and cutlery out of wood.

His process is sculptural as each piece is hand carved without the use of any machines or sanding, which allows for the works to last and age well.

The works are intended to make one feel daily life.

Kotaro Sakazume

Born in Tokyo, 1988, artist / Ceramic Artist

With a fixation for masks, Kotaro Sakazume pursues the creation of original expressions. As a mask maker, in his more utilitarian works he aims to create unique sculptural forms that become vessels and cutlery.

In recent years he has opened a ceramic studio where people can experiment with a virtual potter’s wheel, freely mixing the everyday and the unexpected.

Kian Terasu Captured Space