Marinship Studios

Marinship Studios is located near the water’s edge in the historic town of Sausalito. We aim to reinvigorate the site known as Gate 5 where the likes of Maya Angelou, Gordon Onslow Ford, Allen Ginsberg, Jean Varda and Ruth Asawa, and others worked and lived.

Group Exhibition: Detachment from Craft

A group exhibition at Petrichor featuring Kurtis Major, Ido Yoshimoto, Jorgen Harle, Yoshitaka Nakaya, and Shinta Nakajima

On view through mid July. Please make an appointment by contacting

'Petrichor' is a temporary exhibition space currently located on the north west corner Marinship Studios. Petrichor was built by 3 of the 5 artists in the exhibition.

RSVP to the opening via the event page.

Detachment from Craft
The organic, varying forms at play in the artists’ work invite the viewer to discard defined notions of craft. Metal and wood sourced in California and Japan are treated in a variety of ways, blurring the boundaries between artisan and artist.